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Should I get a Sunroom or Patio Cover?

Something almost every home owner wants is to have more usable space. Many home owners choose to transform their back patio to accomplish this goal. If you are in this boat and wanting more space you are probably either considering a sunroom or a patio cover to transform your back yard space. Both have pros and cons and depending on a person’s wants and needs one is probably a better solution than the other.

A patio enclosure of any kind is a great way to add an additional room to your home. Here we will look at sunroom pros and cons and then do the same for patio covers. Of course, if you have any questions you can call and speak directly with an expert by calling 208-376-0000.

Patio Covers

Patio covers are a simple solution to the problem of more space that allows you to feel like you're still outside. Patio covers give you greater assurance that your furniture and belongings won't be damaged by rain or direct sunlight over opting for no patio cover. Patio covers can be easily customized so that you can choose which one is best for your home. Patio covers are a great solution if you still want to feel the wind blowing through your hair on a balmy summer day. You may not be able to use the patio area during the worst weather conditions, but when you do use the patio you'll still be part of the great outdoors. They are also the more affordable option. Shade screens can be added for privacy and a slightly more controlled environment.


Sunrooms provide a little more beauty and elegance in many people’s opinions, but are also more costly than a patio cover. The biggest strength or a sunroom is it really can be tied into the house to make basically just an additional room that can be used all year long regardless of weather conditions. Furniture or any kind is safe and sound and with many ways to incorporate heating and cooling devices, you know it can be comfortable while still maximizing your outdoor view.

Either option is a good option for adding additional space. Let us help you make an informed decision on what fits your wants and needs best. Our free, in-home estimates make it easy to give us a call and get the help you are looking for.

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