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Remodeling Services

Remodeling Services of All TypesFor 50 years, Pacific Home and Patio has been proudly helping Idaho families bring the vision of their dream home to life. We specialize in outdoor residential remodeling, including hot tubs, heat screens, room additions, siding, commercial and residential awnings, conservatories, sunrooms, windows, and patio covers. From outdoor potlucks to summer softball games, treat your family and friends to laughter and memories with your beautifully remodeled patio or backyard. No idea is too grand or insignificant--we enjoy every unique opportunity that comes our way.

In addition to raising the quality of your family’s life, residential remodeling can save you a lot of money. New, high-tech windows can drastically increase insulation efficiency. You’ll save on energy costs and increase the value of your home. Give us a call about our multi-chambered windows and high-quality doors and save big.

Or remodel your patio area by installing fabric patio covers that minimize UV rays and excessive heat buildup. They are durable and easy to take care of, and you can choose from several colors and styles to match your preferences. Lattice and solid patio covers are options to reduce glare into your home while maintaining the feel of an outdoor oasis.

Awnings also provide protection from the elements and enhance the image of your home or business. You can choose either a fixed or retractable awning, both of which are available in several colors and styles. To further protect your home, siding can save you time and money because it requires no paint and no maintenance. 

When you want the beauty of the outdoors without unpleasant weather, think about installing a sunroom or conservatory. Pacific Home and Patio offers climate control shade systems and heat screens to conserve energy and protect your home from the sun’s rays.

Give us a call for free estimates on any of your indoor or outdoor remodeling needs at 208-376-0000. We know that every home is as unique as the family that lives inside it, so we’ll do our best to match our expertise with your tastes.