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A Sunroom for your Health

Sunroom in winter

It’s a fact. Winters in Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon can be brutal. Long, cold, dreary. Unpredictable inversions sometimes dramatically decrease the amount of sunlight available for weeks!

Winter can be hard on the spirit. Science has shown that sunlight is crucial for emotional well-being, as important as nutritious food, water, and exercise.

Over ½ million people develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. This condition is directly related to light depravation and can lead to symptoms such as mood swings, lethargy, sleep problems, anxiety, and overeating.

While not everyone experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder as a result of less sunlight in the winter, most people tend to feel some of the strain from the dark, cold months.

What can you do to overcome the darkness of winter?

Consider a sunroom investment.

A sunroom will create a space in your home to capture natural light and an oasis from the blahs of winter. A place to soak in the sunlight while reading or sharing a cup of tea with a friend. Imagine a room with glass walls where you can maximize your exposure to natural light. A place to feel better and increase your health the way nature intended.

Science shows that the key is exposure to natural light rather than artificial light for mental health and overall health benefits. A sunroom does just that, provides a space, conveniently in your home where you can maximize your exposure to natural light year round. Add that a sunroom is a home investment, something that will add value to your home both aesthetically and in resale amount, a sunroom is a renovation project that will bring numerous benefits to your home and your family.

Pacific Home and Patio is a proven leader in sunroom construction in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and all of southwestern Idaho as well as Baker City, Ontario, and Eastern Oregon. To find out what a sunroom can do for your home, give us a call today.