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5 Benefits of Adding a Pergola to your Yard

White Pergola on Patio

A pergola is an outdoor room that has no walls and cross rafters. It creates a defined outdoor space in your yard that is beautiful, functional, and versatile.

  1. Maximize your Outdoor Space - A pergola adds an element of beauty as well as a distinguished entertaining and seating area in your yard. Whether you have a large country yard, or a smaller city lot, having distinctive areas in your outdoor landscape gives your land a polished appearance.
  2. Entertain More - Pergolas add space for entertaining. Have a small home? Adding a designated outdoor gathering spot adds square footage for having more guests over. The weather in the Treasure Valley is quite mild year round. A pergola for outdoor gatherings can be easily used during fall, spring, and summer weather. You’ll always want to host when you have a beautiful outdoor space available for picnics and family gatherings. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Provide Shade -The Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon sun is notoriously intense during the summer season. Provide a refuge from the sun on your property with an outdoor pergola. Also, with a pergola, you can easily angle the structure to maximize the shade.
  4. Endless opportunities to Embellish - Pergolas are highly visually interesting elements in outdoor landscaping. You can easily add fragrant and flowing vines up and down the verticalHanging baskets of flowers can be hung from the rafters. Add a string of lights to create an unforgettable beautiful nighttime ambiance. Fabric draping with all-weather fabrics can also be used to create a variety of effects depending on the fabric pattern-elegance, calming, romantic, it’s up to you!
  5. Increase the Value of your Home - A pergola adds space to your home which is always an advantage when thinking about selling your house in the current competitive market. Also, the attractiveness and functionality of a pergola simply makes your home stand out from others with less interesting

Ready to add a pergola? In Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Ontario, Baker City, and surrounding communities, give us a call at Pacific Home and Patio. We’re experts at constructing pergolas for the specific climate conditions in Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon!